Our Story

The beautiful story of Mechanicsville Baptist Church is comprised completely in the unique make-up of the individuals who call MBC their home. Although vastly different in their journeys, we serve a God who brings us together as one.

In fact, in 1977 two churches became one. The 103 year old Venable Baptist Church, the seventh oldest church in Richmond, merged with the 18 year old Westhill Baptist Church, to form Mechanicsville Baptist Church. Why would two separate, independent and apparently successful churches merge?  The reasons were as diverse as the congregations. Changing demographics, loss of members and reduction of income created an awareness in both congregations that changes must be made.


Through God’s leadership, overtures were made by Venable leadership to Westhill to see if there was interest in exploring the possibility of merger.    A small group from each church met several times to talk about the idea of bringing the two congregations together. Out of these informal meetings came a sense of God’s leadership and the concept was brought before each congregation. Members of both congregations warmed to the idea and excitement grew. After much prayer and planning, Mechanicsville Baptist Church was born on October 1, 1977. On Sunday, October 2, the combined congregations met together for the first time, in the previous Westhill facility, for Sunday School and worship. 

Who we are

We Are

We are real people who believe finding joy, hope, peace and a stronger relationship with God is important to our spiritual well-being.  We believe in serving God through the local church using every opportunity to share God's love with the community and world around us. Through a Christ-centered, grace empowered, approach to life, we can reach our full God-given potential.

We Are Committed

At MBC we are committed to our purpose of "Living our Love for Christ through Loving, Learning, and Serving." This summarizes everything we desire to be and do in one sentence and is taken from two passages of Scripture. Matthew 22:36-40 (The Great Commandment) and Matthew 28:18-20 (The Great Commission). Our purpose statement and these passages reflect five core reasons for our existence.

1.   To Celebrate God's presence in Worship.

2.  To Incorporate God's people in Fellowship.

3.  To Educate God's people in Discipleship.

4.  To Demonstrate God's love in Ministry.

5.  To Communicate God's Word in Study and Evangelism.

No matter where you are in your understanding of Christianity, we promise to accept you, inspire you, instruct you, and lead you to a closer personal relationship with God-a relationship that will offer you answers to face today's challenges.