When Do We Meet?

Current Schedule

Sunday Mornings:  9:45 AM - AWAKEN

10:00 AM - EQUIP
Sunday Nights: 


Wednesday Night Supper:  5:30 PM
Wednesday Nights:  

6:00 PM - 7:30 PM - 412

Where Do We Meet?

We meet in the Student Minsiry Room (upstairs) in the Family Life Center

(the Family Life Center is the back building of the church).

Our three areas of ministry we feel called to focus on as a congregation…

1) Hands on Ministry – As followers of Christ it is our task to be the hands and feet of Christ in the world. One challenge that many churches face is that so much of their “ministry” is done inside the church walls. In order to be the Church we must go to the people – to build new relationships; to minister to whom God is calling us and in the way God is calling us to serve.

2) Intergenerational Ministry – One thing that makes Mechanicsville Baptist Church unique is that it is reaching the youth of Mechanicsville in a way that very few churches are. The challenge that the youth leadership is striving to overcome is that the youth group is in the process of becoming its own separate church; while it is growing, it is also growing apart from the larger body that is Mechanicsville Baptist. Our youth council is working very diligently to come up with creative ways to reverse this dynamic and ensure that we are an intergenerational body of Christ.  

3) Family Ministry – Dale Tadlock, the Coordinator of Passport Media with Passport Inc., mentioned in an article that he wrote entitled “Why Aren’t We Telling Them?” that the number one most influential source for long-term faith is parents – not the church, not the pastor/youth pastor, not social media, not school, and not peers.  His remedy was for us as ministers to learn to “be content playing third string.”  The role of the third string quarterback is to be the best resource off of the playing field as possible – even playing the role of cheerleader if necessary.  Dale’s reminder is consistent with my calling as a follower of Christ.  Our calling as ministers of the Gospel of Christ is to equip and empower parents to help their youth grow in their journey with Christ.  If our church provides families the support they need to be stronger family units, then we are promoting a stable environment for discipleship to happen

at home and at church. 

Every step we take is a step of faith.  Let us faith together.

"God is love.  Whoever lives in love, lives in God, and God in them."  -1 John 4:16

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