Look  Different?

Does the home page you landed on look different from what you were used to?  It is!  Over the past few weeks, we have been working hard to bring you a brand new church website.  Our web host has upgraded their products and we were lucky enough to receive a brand new website for free!  We hope this new site will bring many more blessings to you and our church.  

The first thing you may notice is that there are no longer tabs on the side of the webpage, nor the bottom of the webpage.  Instead, they have all moved to the top of the webpage.  These tabs that you were used to using, are now in drop down menus below the main tabs.  Each main tab will serve as the home page for each section of the website.  You may also notice that the website now displays in a wide screen format with high definition pictures and scrolling background images.  This has allowed us to create new visually appealing effects, and has made our site more modern and contemporary in look and feel.  Check out our Sundays page to see this cool new effect in action.  

New features will be coming out in the next few months that will allow us to create and do even more with our brand new website.  We hope you enjoy this new experience and praise God for blessing us with a brand new website! 

Check out our brand new videos!

Mechanicsville Baptist Church: Partnering Together

We are a group of people partnering together, partnering with the larger global community to share the Gospel story.  Won't you come and share with us!!!

Mechanicsville Baptist Church: On God's Mission

Being on God's Mission does not mean your path will always be made clear. Being on God's mission means you will face adversity; being on God's mission will challenge and stretch you. Will you remain faithful? Will you join a local community participating in God's mission? Will you go when God calls?

Getting  Connected!

Getting connected at Mechanicsville Baptist Church is easier than it may seem! Simply complete the ‘Get Connected’ form below and you’ll quickly find yourself in conversation with Members who are more than willing to help you learn more about the church and how you can begin getting more involved!