"Living our Love for Christ through Loving

Learning, and Serving"

No matter where you are in your understanding of Christianity, we promise to accept you, inspire you, instruct you, and lead you to a closer personal relationship with God - a relationship that will offer you answers to face today's challenges.

Worship services are held at 8:30 AM in the FLC, and 11:00 AM in the Sanctuary. 

New Church Pictorial Directory

Our church is doing a new pictorial directory... and it won't be complete without you!

Schedule your appointment for June 23 or 242017, by clicking the box below.

(All time slots for May 4, 5, and 6 are full.)

Please allow approximately one hour for your appointment.

You will have a professional photography session, see your proofs immediately on the computer and have the opportunity to purchase extra portraits for family and friends.

Every family photographed for the directory will receive a copy of the directory

and an 8x10 portrait at no cost.

Mechanicsville Baptist Church: Partnering Together

We are a group of people partnering together, partnering with the larger global community to share the Gospel story.  Won't you come and share with us!!!

Mechanicsville Baptist Church: On God's Mission

Being on God's Mission does not mean your path will always be made clear. Being on God's mission means you will face adversity; being on God's mission will challenge and stretch you. Will you remain faithful? Will you join a local community participating in God's mission? Will you go when God calls?

Getting  Connected!

Getting connected at Mechanicsville Baptist Church is easier than it may seem! Simply complete the ‘Get Connected’ form below and you’ll quickly find yourself in conversation with Members who are more than willing to help you learn more about the church and how you can begin getting more involved!